Teaching and Learning (TnL) is the core business in every educational institutions. Hence, here in SBC we strongly believe in quality TnL – providing experiential learning for students. We mould students to be marketable and demandable via our transitional and transformational teaching approaches that guarantee students to be able to survive in the new workforce.

“The purpose of education is to contribute to the full development of an autonomous, supportive, responsible and committed person.

In its broadest sense, education is a lifelong process which enables the continuous development of a person’s capabilities as an individual and as a member of society.

Whatever the environment in which they live, all young people have the same basic needs; they need to acquire the ability to cope and the ability to become the architects of their own development as individuals who are, autonomous, supportive, responsible and committed.”

Mdm Mihyatul Hussnna Mat
Executive Director

“Passionate educators describe themselves by remarkable actions and their outcomes always unique.”
Mr Perzeus James

“A full stop doesn’t exist in learning.”

Mdm Evelyn
Head of Academic

Programme Coordinator

– Mr. Al Nadzirul

Programme Leader (DBM)

-Ms. Subashini

Programme Leader (DIA)

-Ms. Zuliana

Programme Leader (DIE)

-Ms. Fahimah

Mento-mentee Leader

-Ms. Uzma

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