Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • SEED Business College was founded by Richwork under inspiration of Azizan Osman. SEED Business College management is operating this college with academic experts.
  • Jan/April/Sept 2019

All programmes offered are 2½ years or equivalent with 7 semester (5 long semester and 2 short semester).

– Call us at +603-5524 6633 (Office) or +6011-1147 1708 (Marketing & Sales Department)
– Email [email protected]

Or can apply online directly by clicking here.

The existing infrastructure in SBC campus can accommodate up to 500 students at a time. Among the facilities available at the campus are:

  • – Classroom
  • – Auditorium
  • – Library
  • – Computers Lab
  • – Counseling Room
  • – Student Louge
  • – Receptionist
  • – Surau

More info in Campus and Facilities page.

1. Full-time (2 1/2 year include industrial training)
2. Part-time

Diploma in Accounting (FA5132)
Obtain Full-Accreditation

Diploma in Business Management (FA5133)
Obtain Full-Accreditation

Diploma in Entrepreneurship (PA8664)
Status: Obtained Partial-Accreditation

– SBC operates at the following address:

SEED Business College (SBC)
Blok 3, No. 5 -7 Presint Alami,
Persiaran Akuatik, Seksyen 13,
40100 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Yes, SBC provide hostel but priority is given to students from outside Klang Valley and first semester. Terms & conditions applied. As the number of available units are limited, students may apply for accommodation listed by SBC. List of hostels will be made available upon registration.

Students FAQ

You can learn more about our scholarship by clicking on the link below.

ED Scholarship

Excellent Award Scholarship

Yes. You will receive a point by joining college activity for the scholarship applications.

Yes. We will offer part time job and encourage student to do business.

Unfortunately, no.

Academic FAQ

We practice more to experiential assessments.

We cater to learners who is convenient with other blended learning, flipped classroom and other relevant methods.

We provide convenient classrooms which come with built in projectors tables and chairs. We also accommodate students with mentor-mentee session with our academicians.

Administration FAQ

Student must apply from receptionist desk . Fill in the form and return it to receptionist desk.

  • Student must apply from Registrar Department.
  • Student must apply from Exam Unit Department.
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